Are you wondering if it’s time to make changes to your portfolio in response to recent market performance?

Review Q1 '22 market performance with an expert eye and have common investment questions answered.

Jim Kantowski, Founder and Principal at Bay Point Wealth, and Alex Jenkins, Vice President and Investment Specialist at Avantis Investors®, discussed how the markets performed during the first quarter of 2022 and how investors can best prepare for what lies ahead.

You'll learn:

  • Which asset classes outperformed others in Q1
  • How different government policies affect markets
  • Why it’s challenging to make future predictions
  • What are the recent changes in exchange-traded funds
  • How tax-efficient ETFs can fit into your portfolio
  • Why diversification is a smart investment strategy
  • Why you should always invest for the long term
  • Inflation: Where is it coming from and how do we protect our purchasing power?
  • Rising Rates: What do rising rates mean for our investments?

Who should watch:

Anyone wondering how the markets performed over the last quarter—and what that could mean for their portfolio.

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